Outsourcing translation services in Romania

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Outsourcing translation services in Romania

Quality Romanian translation services at outsourcing prices

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Outsourcing translation services in Romania

Outsourcing translation services has become increasingly popular in the translation industry.


One of the main strong points of ACTIV TRADUCERI is that its customers and strategic partners may derive profit from its utterly challenging and reasonable pricing policy. Our prices are the lowest in the industry? No, since fixing on prices would only affect quality. The commitment of ACTIV TRADUCERI to quality is one of its major goals; therefore we would rather justify our prices now than have the quality affected later on. Do we practice the highest rates in the industry? By no means, as long as we know that the services we provide should be cost-effective.


By outsourcing to ACTIV TRADUCERI, you can cut significantly your translation project budget or related costs compared to the cost for the same or similar services in your geographical area due to considerable difference in wages of translation experts in your country and the ones working in Romania.


Another advantage of outsourcing to ACTIV TRADUCERI is that we can offer you native Romanian translators in a wide range of fields from legal to medical and we all know how important it is.

We can offer at your request a sample translation for each project in order to demonstrate the quality of our services. 


Our main fields of expertise are:

-         Legal translation

-         Technical/Engineering translation

-         Medical translation

-         Accounting translation

-         Business/financial translation


For further details or quotation requests please contact us.

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