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Localizing your website is the only way to benefit from the boom of worldwide business influenced by internet.

Localizing means converting the website contents and design in a form linguistically and culturally adequate to a foreign market. Your website should look good, sound good and create a good impression.

An accurate presentation of the profile and services of your company, in a multi-language environment as the Internet, is essential for your worldwide success. We translate more than your website words and sentences, we translate the general feeling and the key messages, while adapting any cultural reference. We can recommend you to change certain images, where required.


Why website localization is so important?

- Over 50% of Google searches are made in other languages than English (in 2002 this percentage was under 30%). Over a third of such searches are made in a European language, other than English (Google, June 2003).

- The visitors of a website are four times more willing to buy if the website contents are presented in their mother tongue and remain twice longer on such a page.

- A website translated in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese may be accessible for 93% of internet users.


ACTIV TRADUCERI provides state-of-the-art website localization services. We are very experienced in e-commerce and Internet marketing and we have learned to overcome the difficulties encountered when adding a foreign language version to an existing website, or even the full translation of websites in several foreign languages.


Please contact us for further information and price quotes for your website localization projects.

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