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Legalized translations

We provide the service of legalization by a public notary only for the translations made by our agency’s translators, certified by the Ministry of Justice.

Only the translations of official, original documents may be legalized. To save time, documents may be translated in photocopy or in other form, but translations may be legalized only if the original document is submitted. Original documents are documents bearing the stamp and signature of the authorized representative of the issuer institutions.

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Medical translations

Medical translations are a very specialized subject and should be made only by translators qualified in this field. Therefore we use only translators who are medical doctors or have long term training in the medical field.

Why do we use only translators with certified medical training for medical translations?

Because it is not enough to know a foreign language in order to translate medical texts. The most important issue regarding translations is that texts should be understood before being translated.

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Website translations/Web localization

Localizing your website is the only way to benefit from the boom of worldwide business influenced by internet.

Localizing means converting the website contents and design in a form linguistically and culturally adequate to a foreign market. Your website should look good, sound good and create a good impression.

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Technical translations

Technical documentation is an extremely valuable part of your business. Its purpose is to help your clients overcome any problem they could encounter in view of properly using the products and services provided by you. You have surely invested important resources in order to draft an accurate documentation, intended to allow your clients to successfully use your products.

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Certified translations

Certified translations are translations performed by a certified translator. Certified translations bear the stamp and signature of a certified translator.

We provide the following certified translation services:

- legal certified translations

- economic certified translations

- technical certified translations

- medical certified translations

- certified translations in other fields, according to your requirements.

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Online translations

ACTIV TRADUCERI and SMARTLINK CORPORATION provide online translation services for the following language combinations:

- English – Romanian - English

- Spanish – Romanian - Spanish

- French – Romanian - French

- German – Romanian - German

- Italian - Romanian - Italian

- Portuguese - Romanian - Portuguese

- Russian - Romanian - Russian

- Ukrainean - Romanian - Ukrainean

- Polish - Romanian - Polish

- Hungarian - Romanian - Hungarian

- Bulgarian - Romanian - Bulgarian

- Greek - Romanian - Greek

- Turkish - Romanian - Turkish

- Dutch - Romanian - Dutch

- Serbian - Romanian - Serbian

- Arabic - Romanian - Arabic

- Hebrew - Romanian - Hebrew

- Chinese - Romanian - Chinese

- Japanese - Romanian - Japanese

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